Keeping Secure

Being safe and secure in your home is incredibly important, to both yourselves as tenants and us as your management agency.

You have the right to feel safe and secure in your own home, and we have made sure that your home is fitted with modern and secure locks and fittings that conform with British Standards

In many of our larger properties, we have (where possible) added extra security features such as gated entrances, electronic fob-assisted access systems and CCTV.

That being said, we strongly advise you to purchase contents insurance for your belongings whilst you reside in the property. The landlord's building insurance WILL NOT cover anything that happens to your items inside the property! See a great article about this all here:

To supplement our efforts, you should always keep your home as secure as possible.
Below is a checklist of things you should do whenever you leave the property (especially if you're going away for an extended period of time):

  1. Make sure that all windows are shut and locked, even small ones and ones on higher floors. An open window is an invitation for a burglar to find a way to reach it!
  2. Keep all of your belongings (especially valuable ones such as electronics, instruments and money) out of sight of windows so they cannot be seen from outside, so would-be burglars are not tempted to take them.
  3. Keep valuables such as laptops, electronics and car keys are hidden away so they are harder for a possible intruder to find.
  4. If your property is fitted with an intruder/burglar alarm, make sure you use it every time you leave the property. The code for the alarm system in your flat should have been provided to you, but if you are unsure what the code is, please contact us. Instruction manuals for your alarm system can be found on our instruction manual's section.
  5. If you have locks on your bedroom doors make sure you use them.
  6. Make sure that your front door and any additional exterior doors and gates are shut and locked properly. Also, remove all keys from windows and patio doors.
  7. If you have a communal entrance to a block, make sure it is always kept shut and do not allow tailgating (strangers entering when you enter or exit the building). If another tenant has a visitor, they should be responsible for letting them into the building. Do not assume everyone waiting at a door has a right to be inside the building.
  8. We do not advise that you fully shut your curtains/blinds for the duration of your absence, as this is usually taken as a sure sign that a property is empty. Also, remember that closed curtains might encourage condensation and mould to form around your windows.
  9. TIP: It's never a good idea to post your address on the internet anywhere, but especially if you're going away on holiday, make sure only people you can trust know about it! If a burglar knows your address and when you're not going to be at home, it opens you up to risk!

If you notice that other tenants in your building are not observing good security practices, or are actively making the property less secure, please contact us immediately and we will discuss the matter with them!

For further sources of information about keeping your home and belongings secure, please see the following resources:

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