Alarms and Smoke/CO Detectors

I don't know what my property's alarm code is

If you're unsure about the property's alarm code, please feel free to contact us via the Maintenance Ticket system. Please do not change the alarm code without informing us.

Property alarm is constantly sounding or won't turn off

If your property/burglar alarm is constantly going off without reason, please first try disarming it by entering in your alarm code.

If this doesn't work, please locate your electrical Consumer Unit/Fuse Box, and flip down the switch that corresponds to the alarm. This should cut the power to the alarm, and stop the noise, after which you can log a ticket with us.

My smoke/carbon monoxide detector is beeping intermittently

If your smoke/CO detector is battery powered, please check that whether the batteries require replacement before reporting your issue. Batteries are classed as consumables, which means it is the tenants' responsibility to purchase and replace these. Please contact us if you are unsure what type of batteries to buy or log a ticket if you require assistance to replace this (for example if the alarm is placed high up and you don't own a ladder)

I have tested smoke/carbon monoxide detector, but it still doesn't work

If you have followed the other steps of replacing the alarm's battery, but upon testing it still doesn't work, then please let us know.
Please note that if we attend your property and the cause of the issue is found to be a low battery or it works fine, then we will need to charge for our time.
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