Application Form

Once you have decided on applying for a property, please contact us and let us know. We require a holding amount, which will be credited to your deposit contributions once the application has been completed*. We will then send you details of the proposed tenancy, and a link to our application form which you should try to complete the same day.

Below is a walk-through of the application form, detailing each section of questions.

Step 3a: Personal Details & "Right to Rent" Information

After initially entering the property code (provided to you in the email that contained the link to this form), you then need to fill out your name and contact details.

Along with your details, please complete the "Right to Rent" Information questions, which we require as part of our "Right to Rent" checks.

Step 3b: Referencing Questions

Please answer either "Yes" or "No" to the questions in this section.

Step 3c: Current & Previous Addresses

In this section, please enter the full address, postcode and time at that address for your current home. This information is required so that we can conduct credit references.

  • If you've been at your present address for less than 3 years, please fill out a previous address too.

Step 3d: Vehicles

Here, please fill out all of the information for any vehicles you will have at the property. We need this information in case there are any issues at the property with cars, or so we can identify which vehicles belong to our tenants and which are parked on the property illegally.

If you don't have a car, please feel free to leave these questions blank.

Step 3e: References

In this section, please fill out all known details current employer/employment, and your current landlord/letting agency. For more information please see the References and Guarantors page.

  • If you are not currently employed (e.g. you are a student), please enter in that into each of the fields.
  • If you have never rented before and never stayed in University halls, please just state that too.

These details will be used to contact (where applicable) your current landlord/agent and employer after you have submitted your application. All tenancies are subject to these checks.

Step 3f: Guarantor

If any of the following conditions apply to you, you will need to obtain a guarantor and fill in their details within this subsection:

  • If you are a student, or
  • If you don't earn enough, defined as 3 times the amount of your rent

Simplified, you do not need a guarantor if you earn over 3 times the rental amount. For example, if the rent for the property you wish to apply for is £750 per calendar month, then you would need to have a (net, i.e. post-tax) income of £2250 or higher per month to not require a guarantor.

Please note that any guarantor must be a permanent resident of the UK, and they are also subject to the same income guidelines - their net income must be greater than 3 times the rental amount. If you're unsure about any of this, please feel free to contact us.

  • If you require a guarantor but are unable to provide one matching the above resident and income requirements, then unfortunately we are not able to offer a monthly rental plan, with the alternatives being either Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual payments.

Application Completed

At this stage, the application will be completed and we will be notified that the application is done. Once all tenants applying for a property have completed this application, the referencing process will begin and we will make further contact with you.

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