Tenancy Liability Form

At the end of the tenancy, each tenant will be sent a move-out report with a Tenancy Liability form attached by email. Please note that this will be sent by as after your move out inspection - you do not have to request this form from us.

Any cleaning or damage charges will be listed in bold towards the bottom of the Tenancy Liability Form and explained within the email. Signing the form confirms acceptance of the charges, so if you require the charges explaining in further detail please reply to the email and we will get back to you.

This form will need to be completed to allow the deposit return to be processed, and to complete the form correctly you will need to do the following:

Where the form requests information about current suppliers please ensure you enter the name of your energy supplier on the lines provided. (If your tenancy had utility bills included within the rental amount, please enter ' N/A' here)
Where your name is printed please ensure you sign beside your name. 
Where the form states forwarding address, please add your new address below the heading (for each and every tenant)
Save the form and email it back to us at accounts@sam.properties
We will then process the repayment request on TDS Custodial, and the lead tenant will need to log into their account to accept this on their end.

Click here to see an example of a completed form!

TIP: If you have flatmates, you don't need to sign the same form - if it's more convenient then please each complete your parts on separate forms and return them to us individually.
If you don't have access to a printer, you can use a service such as smallpdf.com/sign-pdf to complete the form electronically.
Please ensure you do not amend the form in any way (e.g. the Sam Properties header must remain at the top of the form)

Please check out these guides by TDS Custodial for help with getting your deposit back with their system!

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