Keys, Locks, Safety, and Security

I saw something suspicious or have another safety concern

If you witness any of the following, please contact the Police/Emergency Services first, via 999:
  • You require an emergency response
  • A crime is in progress
  • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • There is a danger to someone's life
  • Violence is being used or threatened

If you don't require an emergency response, you can call the Police non-emergency number on 101, but if you don't need to contact the police then please still let us know via 0161 610 8383 or

My keys/fobs have been lost or stolen

If your keys are lost, then we need to replace the locks for your flat rather than simply provide you with a new copy. This is done out of safety concerns for both the property and you as occupants. In addition, there is a charge for the cost of the new lock, new keys, fob/remote, and labour applied- please refer to your individual Tenancy Agreement for further information. 
Please contact the main office immediately on 0161 610 8383 or send us an email via and let us know.
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