Pests and Vermin

If you notice the presence of pests (animal or insects), please contact us immediately via logging a ticket on the maintenance system.

The biggest cause of pest problems inside homes tends to be excess rubbish and refuse left around, or general lack of cleaning. To help us control any pest or vermin issues you have, please make sure that you are keeping your flats clean and clear of any rubbish or excessive amounts of clutter. You can find further information on our cleaning guide here.

Pests can also gain access to the property via cracks or holes in the walls and fixtures - you can temporarily block their access with a physical barricade (such as a wooden plank) whilst the maintenance team carry out further work.

In the interim, we can provide you with glue pads to catch mice, but please be aware we cannot expend any staff to remain at the property.

For insect infestations, we can carry out fumigation if required - the maintenance team will be in touch with you to arrange the date and time after consulting with an external pest control company.

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